Hi Loves! This is something exciting that Daena and I have been working on for a bit to perfect. Keep in mind that the Attunement or Initiation that you purchase will be with you for life. No need to purchase it again, even if you stop using it for years, it is always there and ready for you. XOXO


We will need your name, date of birth, and an unfiltered photo of yourself that is clear and not blurry or one that your face is partially hidden. Honestly a photo of you without makeup, if you wear any, is perfect. Don’t be shy, you should see us when we wake up in the morning, lol. 


As you read this, remember some will be working with Angels and other “lighter spirits” and some will be working with demons and other “darker spirits”. Each spirit has their own set of specialties, including cursing, healing, money, sex, lust, love, obsession, spiritual gifts, protection, thought insertion, and so much more! Read about your spirit so you can use that energy to its fullest potential. You will be a FORCE to be reckoned with if you do! 


First, what is an Attunement? 

We see this word quite often in the spiritual world, but for our purposes, the easiest way to describe it is an Attunement is a way for us to attune your energy to a spirit’s energy so that you can channel that spirit’s energy for assistance. What is an Initiation? Again, this is another word that you see quite often in the Occultist world. An initiation is when your energy is attuned to the energy of a spirit (typically used with darker spirits). 


As you can see, for our purposes the words are almost interchangeable. Both can make huge differences in our personal energy systems. 



How do we deliver your attunement? 

Your attunement will come to you as a glowing powerball of energy (Chi Ball), think of cartoons or movies where you see bright powerballs of glowing light and within that light is where the attunement is safe and waiting for you to use. You will receive immediate instructions on how to receive your attunement and how to use it.