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Hello! My name is Taylor aka Shavana Renee, I would label myself as an intuitive reader. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA and currently live in Arkansas. As a little girl, I was very connected to Source, unfortunately due to traumas, it shifted my reality but now I am taking back my power and gifts.

I only read tarot and oracle cards and deliver intuitive messages when needed. I receive messages and downloads in dreams and relay them to others. I am a proud mentee of Lady Eirene and Daena’s White Magick and Grey Magick mentorships. For the past two years I have fully immersed myself into my craft and improving my spiritual gifts. As of now I don’t follow a specific path, I’m just doing what feels right.

I can’t wait to meet you all! Remember, “Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.” – Walt Whitman

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