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White Magick

Hi loves!  Welcome to The Mystical Purple Door!  I am Lady Eirene.  While most know me as a black magick witch, I truly am just a spell caster who has a variety of spirits I work with as well as my ancestors and personal power and cast both what is considered white magick as well as black magick.  Being a spell caster is so close to my heart because it gives me an opportunity to help others manifest their happiness in life, whether that is working on love, career, business, spiritual path and etc.  I truly feel a huge sense of honor walking alongside others on their path, even if it is just for a short time.  


I do cast alongside my daughter, Daena, which is a proud mom moment for me always.  The main question that I am asked is how are you Susan, but you practice casting and readings as Eirene.  This is one of my favorite stories to tell!  Eirene was my aunt who was also a witch and psychic.  She passed many decades before I was born.   She has always been a part of me and I have felt her since I can remember as she is always that voice in my head.  


I welcome your questions always.  I look forward to working with you and walking your path alongside you.  XOXO Eirene 

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Hi, my name is Daena and I want to welcome you to our family owned and run shop!  I am a white magick witch and Lady Eirene’s daughter.  As far as being a generational witch, I am the sixth generation in my family of witches, psychics and mediums.  While I say I am a white magick witch, if I am being honest, I will help seek revenge on certain cases with Lady Eirene. I use not only my personal power and the power of my ancestors to cast, but cast alongside a multitude of spirits that I have built strong relationships with.  


My passion for magick, in part, is driven by my love of helping others and bringing them happiness and peace; and I have found that I am able to achieve that through witchcraft and healings.  There is so much to be said about not only finding our paths, but navigating those paths through our spirituality, guides and ancestors. 


I have always had a connection with spirits, the spiritual world and other energies since I was a young child, including one of my guides as my “imaginary friend” as a child.  My own personal spiritual journey has opened my mind and eyes to so much that has been right in front of me and through this I have found a deeper love for myself, a deeper connection with myself and an appreciation for who I am as a person. 


While I am a medium, my specialties include tarot card and pendulum readings. I have a deep appreciation for the Earth.  I have found a spiritual connection to plants, which led me to discovering the powerful energy and multitude of uses for plants, herbs, flowers, and etc. 


I hope to continue to grow in all aspects of my abilities and skills to help bring healing and peace to you all. I am so grateful to be able to work with you and join you on your journey. 


Many Blessings, 


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Blessings! My name is Lady Matilda. I grew up having intuitive dreams, but after a frightening experience, I shut down. I was always curious about alternative healing and the "magickal" side of life and studied Reiki, becoming a Karuna Reiki master. After giving my first session, I began receiving messages and have never looked back. I have also studied under these amazing witches and love helping others in whatever way Spirit leads.

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Hi you! My name is Nadine. I am an Energy Worker, Healer and Witch. I use my spiritual gifts intuitively; this means that I am not certified with any type of modality. We all come to this Earth school with a unique set of gifts, and personally I found that using them intuitively works best for me. 

At some point in my life I made a commitment to go on a healing journey and shift my life completely, however, getting myself to make this decision took me many years of hard lessons. And because of this promise that I made to myself, and with the help of other gifted people, I rose to the person that I am today; someone who is humbly and gratefully serving others on their path just like all the people who served me on mine, but in my authentic way. And this is why I am here. I want nothing more than to be able to share my gifts and grow with you today.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.

May you be met by sweet love at every corner~


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