What are the Akashic Records?

Also known as “The Book of Life” or “Infinite Wisdom”, the Akashic Records are an energetic accumulation of your soul’s journey. It is a repository or library of all your past lives, thoughts, deeds, choices, events, contracts, relationships, lessons, patterns, and influences that your soul has experienced up till your present incarnation on earth. 


A reading in the Akashic Records is a journey into a space of unlimited possibilities, self-discovery, soul remembrance and deep healing. 


Many people associate the Akashic Records with past life regression, karmic lessons, and exploration of timelines. But the Akashic Records is so much more than that. It is anything and everything related to our

soul’s journey. 


The Records can illuminate and provide guidance on your present life – your relationship with yourself and others, soul purpose, life mission. It can help you navigate your business and career, offer insights into business and career strategy, and guide you in clearing energetic blocks to abundance and joy. 

The possibilities are endless! 


• How I access your records: 

Every Akashic practitioner is different in what they offer in a reading, and how they access the Records. Many of my readings dig deep, exposing core wounding and illuminating areas related to fears, beliefs, narratives, and repeating patterns, etc. Often these energetic blockages have ties to inner child work, generational wounds, karmic ties, and social conditioning. 

Every reading is different based on the guidance you need for your highest and greatest good in that moment. Even if you don’t have a specific question, the guardians of your Records will provide the guidance you need at this very moment in time. 

When you give me permission to access your Records, I channel what I receive from the guardians of your Akashic Records and messages are for your highest good, even if the messages may not be what you ‘want’ or ‘wish’ to hear. Sometimes the guardians of the Records will take you on a guided journey and other times, they will empower you with tools that you can use daily. Know that it is always based on what you are ready to receive at this time. 

I do not provide predictions or fortune-tell using the Records. This is because questions like those are usually NOT for our highest good. All of us have free will and fixating on a future prediction limits our soul growth. Many of us have lessons and healing that we need to do before we can call in the timeline we desire. So, trying to know a specific future is limiting and does not allow us to be the best that we can be. Instead, the guardians of the records will take you deeper to uncover a repeating pattern, unconscious loop, or fear that is fueling your desire for prediction.

Sessions are 60 mins but budget for 75 mins. 

• How to prepare for a session: 

*Come prepared with open-ended questions or an area/topic/theme you wish to explore. 

*Find a quiet and calming spot where you can relax and not be disturbed 

*Bring a glass of water or warm tea in case you get thirsty 

*You may light candles, use essential oils, or have soft, calming mediative music in the background – the       key is to relax so that you can go deeper within 

 *Come with an open mind and be ready to release energy and emotions that no longer serve you.