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Hello, spiritual beings! I am a lightworker, wayshower, and purpose activator. I am here to support other heart-centered individuals in remembering their divine purpose, awakening to the powerful beings that they are, and igniting their inner brilliance to live an abundant life full of purpose, impact, meaning, and authenticity. 

As a person who dances to the beat of my own drum, I have always felt like an outsider looking into a party I was not invited to. Like many old souls, my spiritual path was not an easy one. All through my early adulthood, I struggled to find my purpose, often yearning to fit in with the crowd while still stubbornly rebelling against expectations. I hid in the spiritual closet for yearsand the Akashic Records was one of my first introductions into the spiritual world. The Akashic Records helped me awaken to and remember my purpose and mission. And once I accepted my spiritual path, I started training, developing, and strengthening my intuitive gifts.

As a certified Akashic Records practitioner, I use the Akashic Records to empower, inspire, and activate other spiritual beings so they can release everything that no longer serves them and reset energetically so as to do what we came here to do!

Less hiding, more shining. 

Less denying, more accepting.

Less pretending, more embracing… of our gifts and talents. 


That's what I want for anyone who feel called to work with me in the Records.


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