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8/8 Lionsgate Portal (Black Glass) ~ Amplify Intentions & Align Your Spirit

8/8 Lionsgate Portal (Black Glass) ~ Amplify Intentions & Align Your Spirit

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This portal was created on Tuesday, 8/8.  The energy of the Lionsgate Portal was harnessed and imbued (directed and stored) into this glass portal.  Once you purchase your portal, I attune the portal to your energetic signature.  You and only you will be able to activate the portal (I will give specific directions on how to activate your portal).  


What can you do with your Lionsgate Portal?  Once you activate your portal, you can hold it in your hands and state your intentions and the portal will automatically amplify those intentions to bring them to fruition.  You can also hold your portal and use the radiated energies to heal spiritually, align your chakras, open your third eye, and so much more.  You can also activate the portal and set the intention to cleanse your space and put it back on its stand and it will radiate that energy within the room you are in.  You literally have all this energy everyday of the year at your fingertips.  


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This item is very limited as I only have 2 Black Portals available.  

Be sure to leave your name and date of birth so I can attune the portal to your energy.  


Please see listing photo for more information about the 8/8 Lionsgate Portal 


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