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This is a multi-dimensional healing and interactive Akashic session.

Unlike a reading where I channel messages, a soul journey session is similar to a past life regression where you are a participant in the process (*please look under "my approach & focus" to see how the Akashic can empower your life*)

I will create sacred space for us and guide you as you journey into your Akashic to uncover and gain clarity, insight, and awareness of a situation, concern, or event so that you can heal from and let go of what no longer serves you.

As your guide, I will interpret and convey messages that I receive during our session. I will close the session with a deep multi-dimensional healing and energetic recalibration and ask for a guide to step forward to help you on your journey. You will also receive a blessing or gift that you will help you. 

After the journey, I will leave time to debrief and you can ask questions. This will be similar to a reading where I will channel messages from your Akashic Records.

*Why an interactive journey?*

I believe that transformational shifts happen when we gain awareness and insights of our situation + release it's energetic hold on us through energy healing.

The Akashic is a field of infinite possibilities. Known as the "book of life", the Akashic Records store your soul's memories, deeds, contracts, agreements, actions, thoughts, wounds and desires, in this lifetime and all your lifetimes across all space, time and dimensions. 

The ripple effects from past life, karmic lessons, vows and contracts, generational/ancestral patterns, unconscious loops and limiting beliefs, etc can create energetic chords, attachments and imprints that affect our current lifetime. 

And to release them from our cellular memories, I take you on a journey where you see feel, sense, hear, and experience the memory. We then release the imprint and attachment from your body with a deep healing.

*My approach & focus*

I use the Akashic for healing, empowerment, and guidance. Not for prediction. 

My focus is on soul purpose, helping you step into your power, inner child healing, past life regression, awakening to your soul gifts, connecting you to your soul origins/family/tribe, aligning with your future empowered self, etc. 

My sessions are centered on healing different spects of your life, spiritual growth/activation/ascension, and life purpose/career/business. 

I don't use the Akashic to predict the future. Because we have free will, and each decision and action we take moves us onto different timelines. 

My question to you is --- Which timeline do you want to be in?

Because the Akashic is great at helping you learn what you need to do, release and heal from to shift into that timeline. 

My goal is to help you shift into the highest expression and most empowered version of who you are ready to embody at this time in your journey. 

Please contact me if you are unsure of whether we are a good fit!!! 

Duration: 120 mins Live session (includes healing & channeled messages related to the session).
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