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Channeled Message From Your Higher Self

Channeled Message From Your Higher Self

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What exactly is a channeled message from your higher self?  We are all spiritual beings who are having one of many human experiences.  When we came into this life, we had intentions of learning lessons, teaching lessons, touching lives, reuniting with our soul tribe, reuniting with our soul mates, and etc.  This message comes from our spiritual aspect that doesn't have blindspot from the other side of the veil and knows what our current struggles or continued struggles are really trying to teach us so that we can learn those lessons.  This message can be guidance through difficulties you are facing right now.  

For this listing, you do not ask questions as your higher self knows exactly what you need to know right now.  This message will be loving, supportive, but will also be honest and something you need to know right now.  

If you are lost, struggling, thriving, happy, or anywhere in-between, this message will be a helpful guide and a validation.  Please add your name and date of birth to the notes. 


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