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The Purple Cottage

CT~ 7/3 Full Moon in Capricorn Goddess Channeled Message

CT~ 7/3 Full Moon in Capricorn Goddess Channeled Message

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There is only 1 of these messages that is waiting to come through.  While I will do my best to honor these enlightened messages, truly there are not enough words to describe them. Deb has a gift to channel messages from spirits, Angels, Source/Spirit/Universe, Gods, and Goddesses. Each message is different, specific to you and your life, loving, and guiding. Truly we receive the messages that we need when we need them.


The biggest question we receive is, “how do I know if the message is for me” and the honest answer is your gut or intuition will let you know as soon as you see the listing or as soon as you read the listing. Please keep in mind that these are very limited and very rarely offered. These messages are specifically for you. I know you are asking "how do I know if it is for me", if your first gut instinct when you saw and read this listing, then it is for you. These messages are of love, encouragment, and personal to you and your life. If you feel drawn to this, it is for you! These messages are always beautiful, specifically for you, and words that we need exactly when we need them.  

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