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The Purple Cottage

Dragon Fire Healing: Live Custom Healing, Activation & Attunement

Dragon Fire Healing: Live Custom Healing, Activation & Attunement

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Are you drawn to the deep healing and transmutation energies of the Dragons? Are you drawn to their ancient wisdom and fearlessness? Do you feel called to work with Dragons but don't know why or how? Or perhaps you love Dragons and want to explore your connection with them! 

Then this is an ideal session to attune you to their energies! 

Dragons lead the way in this custom healing session. This is a live guided meditation where I will create sacred space for you to receive Dragon medicine.

You will receive a multi-dimensional healing from the Dragons. Each session is unique to your situation, concern, and what you are ready to release, heal and integrate. 

But typical sessions include clearing multiple timelines, calling back your energy and integrating soul fragments, activating your soul gifts, and attuning you to the highest potential that you are ready to embody at this point in your life/journey. There will be some time at the end of the session to ask questions and I will channel messages related to your situation.

Duration: 90 mins Live session (includes channeled message related to the session + Dragon Oracle card pulls)
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