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Sour Jar With Graveyard Dirt ~ Courtney

Sour Jar With Graveyard Dirt ~ Courtney

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This jar spell is very versatile as it can be used to sour a relationship, sour a situation or hex someone.  The possibilities are truly endless with this spell. I can customize your jar to your specific needs. With my sour jars, I add in the nastiest of ingredients: 2 year old spoiled milk, vinegar, piss/shit, ghost pepper, spices, cursing oils, dead bugs, DUME powder, nails etc. I also include a petition inside of the jar with your intention. I will then work the jar and bury it. Please make sure this is what you truly want, because once I bury the jar it can not be reversed. 

Some things I have personally used this for: break up work, to destroy someones car (two times, two different cars), destroy a business, break up a friendship. 

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