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Mystica purple odor

Hi loves!  I am Lady Eirene and alongside my daughter, Daena, we would like to welcome you to The Mystical Purple Door (cue in Do You Believe in Magic), lol.   What exactly is The Mystical Purple Door?  This is where we dream BIG!  This is where we manifest!  This is where we harness the energies of our ancestors, guides, the Universe and numerous other spirits that we work with to cast.  


We have broken spells down into different categories for easier shopping, but do reach out if you have questions about your situation and what would be appropriate to cast for it.  


Remember whether you are new to spell casting or a seasoned buyer, reach out with questions as we want you not only happy, but educated about your purchase as well.  


We look forward to walking this part of your path alongside you and seeing you reach all your life goals! XOXO


Eirene & Daena

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