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Hi loves!  We are Susan & Megan, the mother-daughter duo, and we are so excited for you to be here with us!  Our story starts many generations ago, but let’s fast-forward to the present time.  In 2018, Susan (aka Lady Eirene) finally took her gifts online and started out on Etsy.  During this time, Megan (aka Daena), was still attending college full-time and had her life plotted out in a totally DIFFERENT direction.  But, the Universe had different plans and fast-forward to today, we now have not only our own online business, but are also growing and planning for a brick-and-mortar shop here in Chicago in 2022.  We have also expanded to several social media outlets with live videos for readings, tutorials and much more! 


Both of us started on this path not only as a way to honor ourselves, our ancestors, our spiritual gifts and life lessons, but as well as to heal ourselves from life as we all do.  We are all constantly going through spiritual awakenings and with that comes healing.  We now have been walking alongside so many of you while you are on your own journey to not only healing and manifesting the life you want to live, but finding your inner strength and voice.  Our paths are ones of discovery and lessons and we are here to support and guide you in any way that you need.  

We have made it our priority to establish a safe and supportive group for anyone and everyone despite your walk in life, identity, history or beliefs as both of us strongly believe that we only learn by expanding our perspectives and that comes from diversity and accepting others for who they are without judgment.  If you are interested in joining our community of like-minded individuals, who are going through the same struggles, please find us on social media as The Purple Cottage (all links are here on the site). 

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