Frequently asked questions

Cancellation Policy

I am happy to offer a full refund prior to scheduling your spell. During scheduling, I set intentions for your spell with my spirits, ancestors and the universe, which is a necessary and major part of the spell casting process. If you need to cancel after scheduling, reach out to me directly via the website and I will handle on a case-by-case basis. If you want to switch out the spell you purchased, reach out via the website as well as I am happy to work with you on this on a case-by-case basis as well. Thank you for your understanding in the spell casting process.

Best way to contact me

Registering on the website and using the chat tool on the site is truly the best way to reach me as those messages go directly to me on the site and those messages are checked first.

How does spell manifestation work?

All my spells typically show small movement in 6 to 8 weeks and grow from there. Can they manifest quicker, yes. Can they take a little longer, yes. Each situation is different!

What about specific impressions?

If I have a specific impression when I cast your spell, I will reach out with that information at the time of casting so I do not forget. Not all spells give an impression at casting.

What if a spell is missing from my order?

I am not perfect! If a spell is missing from your order, I am willing to work with you to figure out how to rectify that so you are 100% satisfied.

Paypal email contact issues

If you do not use your paypal email as your primary email, you should add a note in each order stating the email you want communication to come to and that email should also be registered at the site.

Information needed for casting

Names and dates of birth of all parties involved should be included in the order notes for each order. I know the character count is limited in the order notes, but the above information is vital for each order. If you need to send additional information, please use the conversation thread we have that runs through the site.

Where can I find casting announcements?

Casting announcements are posted on my Instagram and Facebook. You can find links to both accounts at the top right and bottom right of the page as well as the "Contact" section.

Where can I find the casting schedule?

Schedules are individually messaged to you.

What days do we cast?

Our current casting schedule us Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, as well as New Moons and Full Moons. We need time to recharge and build energy to cast for the upcoming week. I always post a photo on social media announcing the time of casting.

Do you cast for minors?

NO! No exceptions!

How often are orders processed and schedules sent out?

Orders are processed every 24 to 48 hours, except on weekends, and schedules go out late that same day of order processing. Daena will schedule three days a week (Mon, Wed, and Fri) and send casting schedules out that same evening. Please be patient with scheduling as overscheduling myself with daily number of spells will drain me of energy and will effect my spells; I refuse to give less than 100% of my energy to each spell as at the end of the day my goal is to manifest your desired outcome and I won’t compromise on quality of my work.

Is my transaction and casting kept confidential?

Yes! Absolutely yes! There is nothing that anyone can so or do that would sway me to compromise your privacy.

What if I give misleading information for casting about a situation, date of birth, ect?

If you mislead me with false information your spell won’t work. I customize spells and use the information that you give.

Will you bump me up sooner on your schedule in the case of an emergency?

No! There is not one person who is more important to me than another. I would not bump your spot for someone else and I won’t bump someone else for you!

We have the right to refuse any order placed in the shop.

We do not accept all cases and we will refund you instantly if your situation is one that crosses my moral and ethical beliefs. we do not involve ourselves in death spells and miscarriages (yes, people ask for this!). There are many other lines we do not cross and they become situational and are handled on a case-by-case basis.