Welcome to The Purple Cottage

Welcome to The Purple Cottage, the home of Susan (Eirene). Susan specializes in all things spiritual, no matter what your path is or where you are on that path. Typically during crises or a major shift in our lives, we tend to start to question everything around us, including who we are, why we feel the way we do, why we struggle with the same issues over and over ~ and this is where Susan comes in! She is here to help you!

Our Mission

We are 100% committed to holding a safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental space for you to heal and grow both spiritually and personally. We understand that during times of crises that being heard, validated, and understood in a safe space is the first step towards healing and growth to help you move forward. 

Sometimes clients come to us not in crises, but more just feeling stuck or lost on their path and are looking for insight and direction. Wherever you are on your journey, we are here to walk alongside you and give you the help, insight, clarity, validation, and understanding that you need. Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you for this part of your journey.


Meet The Coven

Susan (AKA Eirene)

Hi loves!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and give you some background of my spiritual gifts. I was born with the ability to see spirits, hear messages, have a sense of just knowing, physically feel touch from spirits or a glimpse into the pain they felt at death, and smell specific scents sent to me. Over the last 50+ years, I have developed into a very detailed bridge between the spirit world and clients who wish to communicate with their loved ones who have passed, also known as a mediumship reading. I also have developed my psychic reading skills over the years and specialize in love, business, career, and money. I have many clients who have a reading prior to making business decisions, investment decisions, and career moves as I am able to tap into those situations and the energies surrounding them to give accurate outcomes. I am also very skilled at seeing photos of individuals and reading their true intentions towards you, whether that is love, money, business, family, and etc. When it comes to love, I am very good at reading energies and connections between people whether it be family, friends, work, or love.  I can also see outcomes and different paths within the relationship dynamics. I can differentiate the difference between karmic soulmates, soulmates, and twin flame relationships and relay what lessons are meant to be learned from and during those relationships.  While I am not a traditional Tarot card reader, I do use them as cues; however, if you want a true Tarot reading, I am not your girl. My psychic reading style is that I believe we receive the messages that we are meant to receive when we receive them; meaning, that I do not hold back any messages or information that I receive during your session as my job is simply to be the messenger. I do not mix in personal feelings on a subject or personal advice during sessions as, again, this is your path and I am merely your messenger. Lastly, I am a spell caster and use universal energies, source energies, my personal power, and my ancestral power to cast all my spells.  Having the power to nudge situations, people, and opportunities in our direction is a gift that I take very seriously and do not cast for all situations. If your case is difficult, I suggest a reading so that I can truly get into the energies of the situation and the outcome probabilities. I realize the extent of my gifts and believe I am meant to help as many people as I can. 



Blessings! My name is Debbie. I grew up having intuitive dreams, but after a frightening experience, I shut down. I was always curious about alternative healing and the "magickal" side of life and studied Reiki, becoming a Karuna Reiki master. After giving my first session, I began receiving messages and have never looked back. I have also studied under these amazing witches and love helping others in whatever way Spirit leads.


Hello, spiritual beings! I am a lightworker, wayshower, and purpose activator. I am here to support other heart-centered individuals in remembering their divine purpose, awakening to the powerful beings that they are, and igniting their inner brilliance to live an abundant life full of purpose, impact, meaning, and authenticity. 

​As a person who dances to the beat of my own drum, I have always felt like an outsider looking into a party I was not invited to. Like many old souls, my spiritual path was not an easy one. All through my early adulthood, I struggled to find my purpose, often yearning to fit in with the crowd while still stubbornly rebelling against expectations. I hid in the spiritual closet for yearsand the Akashic Records was one of my first introductions into the spiritual world. The Akashic Records helped me awaken to and remember my purpose and mission. And once I accepted my spiritual path, I started training, developing, and strengthening my intuitive gifts.

​As a certified Akashic Records practitioner, I use the Akashic Records to empower, inspire, and activate other spiritual beings so they can release everything that no longer serves them and reset energetically so as to do what we came here to do!

Less hiding, more shining. 

Less denying, more accepting.

Less pretending, more embracing… of our gifts and talents. 

That's what I want for anyone who feel called to work with me in the Records.