Winter 2024 Mentorships

Are you looking to learn how to use different forms of divination? Do you want to learn about spells, how to cleanse and protect yourself spiritually, manifest easier, or grow into your spirituality in any way? Are you looking find your life path, higher purpose, or to heal yourself and your inner child to find inner peace? If you have answered yes to any of these, you would be a great candidate for our mentorship program!!

Mentorships are starting back up on February 19th, 2024!  Please take a moment to fill out a quick information sheet (google form) and submit it.  Spots are limited.  

All mentoring class are one hour, once a week on Zoom.  Your camera will need to be on during your mentoring calls.  All mentoring calls are individual, this is not group mentoring classes.  You will have special access to reach out to your mentor for any questions and etc.  Lifetime relationships and made during mentoring.  


Mentorships Available:

In-depth Shadow Work Mentorship: $555 (4 Week Program) This program is to help prepare you for your spiritual journey and healing or to help level up skills through shadow work.  This is also a great program if you are just stuck in shadow work and need to work your way out of it. We work on how to release and move forward.  Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


Spiritual Mentorship Program: $555 (4-week program)*** This is a great place to start if you are new to spirituality or if you want to explore other areas of spirituality on your path. If you are feeling lost or stuck on your path, this is a wonderful way to work through this part of your life and move forward.  This mentorship is tailored to your specific needs.  Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


White Magick Mentorship Program: $777(6-weekprogram) *** Prerequisite for Grey Magick.  If you are ready to start casting, understanding protection, and work on manifesting as well, this is a great place to start.  You are taught how to cast, learn more about how to protect yourself from psychic attacks and spiritual attacks.  This is tailored to your specific needs.  Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


Gray Magick Mentorship Program: $777 (6-weekprogram) *** Prerequisite for Black Magick.  This is the 2nd class in our white/gray/black series of mentoring.  This is also tailored to your specific needs as well.  Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


Black Magick Mentorship Program: $999 (8-weekprogram) *** This is our 3rd class in our white/gray/black series of mentoring.  This is also tailored to your specific needs and desires.  There is no gate keeping here.  Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


Introduction to Intuitive Tarot Card Reading: $555 (4-week program) In this Introduction we help you to start bonding with your deck and start reading your cards right away.  This is extremely customized to wherever you currently to wherever you want to be.  Please note, you are taught to read tarot not only by what the cards are but on how to use your intuition during your readings. Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.


Advanced Intuitive Tarot Card Reading: $555 (4-week program) Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  In this course we will go over where you are currently on your first day and then work up your weekly program from there.  


Reiki I & II Mentorship Program: $495 (5-week program) Upon completion of this program, you will be able to perform Reiki on yourself and others.  Taught by Deb.  


Introduction to Mediumship: $777 (6-week program) *** We focus on how to connect with spirits in a safe environment.  We teach you how to identify what are messages and how to translate them to make sense.  We teach you how to identify different energies and so much more.  Protection and cleansing is also taught.  Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


Introduction to Developing Psychic Abilities: $555 (4-week program) *** Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  


Empathic and Thriving, Managing your gift:  $111 (6-week program) *** Being an Empath is a gift if we know how to understand and manage it.  This is an entry level course that dives into rewiring the understanding of your gifts and how to use them on yourself.  You are taught how to separate yourself from what you are experiencing so that you feel lighter and life is easier to manage.  Being an empath is difficult and this course teaches you how to separate your energy and emotions of others, healing your own energy due to this.  You will receive an E-Book & E-Workbook, magickal tips and tools, custom sigil for protection, learn how to cleanse and clear the energy of others, and the ability to walk away feeling more prepared as an empath to handle the world.  This class is a game changer for all Empaths.  *** Taught by Lauren, The Chakra Whisperer.  


Learn to work with and to Channel Dragon Medicine for Inner Soul Work, Personal Healing, Spiritual Growth, and Guidance:  $555 (4-6 week program based on your spiritual level, experience, and comfort working with energy).  *** This program is tailored to your goals and needs.  I will customize the sessions to meet you where you are at and where you desire to be.  Taught by Michelle, The Dragon Lady.


Introduction to Playing in your Akashic Records:  $555 (4-weeks) OR $777 (6-weeks) Learn how to channel guidance from your Askashic Records.  This class can be either 4 to 6 weeks depending on spiritual level, experience and comfort level working with higher dimensional energy.  In this class you will learn the BASICS of accessing the records.  This program is one-part healing, activations, and attunements to prepare you to go within yourself and remove blocks that may be preventing you from forming a connection to your Akashic Records.  It is also one-part learning and practice, where I teach you how to access your own Records, ask multi-layers deep questions within your records, familiarize yourself with your Record Keepers, and learn to use the Records in your daily life to receive guidance, insights, and take inspired actions.  After initial consultations, I will create a program based on your experience and comfort being in the records.  The Akashic Records is an ancient, deeply profound, and wonderfully magical.  This is a beginners course for those new to the Akashic and/or spiritual or energy work.  (If you are an experienced healer and want to learn how to use the records to heal yourself and to uplevel spiritually, please reach out).   Taught by Michelle, The Dragon Lady.  


These are both individual programs and add-ons to the above programs.  If you are adding on one of the below, you will receive $100 off.  

How to Properly Cleanse Yourself & Your Space: $222 (3-week program) Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  

How to Properly Protect Yourself from Spiritual Attacks, Energetic Vampires, and Negative Energies:$222 (3-week program) Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  

Pendulum Divination & Spirit Communication Program: $222 (3-week program) Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.  

Dowsing Rods Divination & Spirit Location Program: $222 (3-week program) Taught by Eirene/Susan & Deb.

*** Mentorships can cover a wide varieties of things including, but not limited to, learning how to cleanse and protect yourself, casting using chime candles, cast using 7-Day candles, manifest, ground, heal childhood trauma, balance yourself, release what no longer serves you, open your third eye, connect with spirit guides, connect with ancestors, and many different modalities of magick and spirit communication. But at the end of the day, this mentorship is customized to your personal interests and skills. All mentorships will include homework assignments, healing, sometimes even getting you into shadow work. Make sure you are ready to work and address these things if you are interested.  

PAYMENT PLANS available reach out!