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HEM 7 Archangels Incense (20 sticks)

HEM 7 Archangels Incense (20 sticks)

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Natural and purifying incense, it diffuses a pleasant perfume in your home. Each archangel has areas of predilection, it will then be favorable to you to use the good incense at the time of your request to reinforce the effects of it.

Archangel Michael (blue sachet): The Archangel Michael, or Michael, is the Prince of Light, "He who is like God", guardian and protector of the Archangels. He protects the family, the house, the business world. He also brings knowledge, prosperity and helps to fight pride.

Archangel Jofiel (yellow bag): This Archangel is the "Beauty of God". He is the angel of knowledge, light, intelligence, enlightenment, easy understanding of things, spiritual awakening. Ask for his help in meditation or when you need help to step back from a situation.

Archangel Samuel (red bag): "the power of God", he is the angel of love, worship, gratitude. From his sacred heart, he brings some revelations, the protection of children and women and help in the family home. He fights avarice and greed.

Archangel Gabriel (green bag): he represents the powers of God. Angel of purity, harmony, ascension, revelation, he brings joy and grace, clarity, purity, hope, and order in our lives.

Archangel Raphael (orange bag): the one called the doctor of God is the angel of healing par excellence, of science and knowledge, of love and joy. He will bring you protection on your physical journey or spiritual guidance. He is a precious ally in fighting the spirit of impurity, immorality and indiscipline.

Archangel Uriel (brown bag): He is the fire of God, the angel of salvation,
the guardian of the dead. He brings gentleness and fulfillment of legitimate wishes. He fights anger, hatred, impatience, spells and bewitchments with his crown of fire.

Archangel Zaquiel (purple bag): representing the righteousness of God, the Archangel Zaquiel is the angel of pity, forgiveness, divine mercy, compassion. Ask him for his help in asking forgiveness from the Lord or open your heart to more compassion and listening to yours.

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