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Mediumship Reading ~ Groups of 2 to 3 (90 minutes)

Mediumship Reading ~ Groups of 2 to 3 (90 minutes)

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Mediumship Reading (Groups of 2 to 3, 90 minutes)

What to Expect During a Mediumship Reading:  

Mediumship readings are done Via Zoom and last an hour for an individual reading (see below for group readings).  You will have the ability and encouraged to record your mediumship session. 

During your mediumship reading, I connect to the loved one(s) who have passed-on that you want to communicate with and create a bridge for communication. Throughout the reading you will receive detailed proof that you are speaking to your loved one.  Mediumship readings are quite emotional so bring lots of tissues. You are welcome to bring photos of them as well. There is ample time allotted for you to ask questions and receive answers.  Mediumship is a passion for me as it brings closure and healing. 

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