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Depression Banishing

Depression Banishing

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Depression is a topic that is sensitive and very personal to each one of us.  ALL our lives have been touched by depression, either as individuals or in someone we know and/or love.  Sometimes I think the word depressed gets thrown around too much and makes it seem not as serious as it can be, but it is extremely serious and not be taken lightly.  

Life is going to happen, hardships are going to come and go and we all have our periods of time that we need a boost or a push to get over the hump! 

This spell is NOT going to work overnight.  If you are familiar with my shop and my work, you know that I am always straight forward and I do not like to mislead anyone.  This spell WILL help and will continue to grow and help more and more over time.  This spell is NOT a replacement for medication that you are already on.  This spell is NOT a replacement for MEDICAL help.  But, you WILL notice a difference in your depression and WILL help you get over the hump in life that you are in psychologically.  

This spell will be customized to fit your unique set of circumstances.  This spell can be ordered for yourself or someone else who needs it! This spell can be ordered in combination with the self-confidence/self-love spell to help you get back to you or your loved one get back to their old selves.

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