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Get Over Them

Get Over Them

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Moving on and moving forward is NEVER EVER easy, even when it is the right decision for us.  Our heart doesn't always agree with our heads and they are rarely, if ever, in sync!  It's almost like it takes time for our heart to catch up with the reasoning in our head.  If this is you or someone you know, this is the key to start moving on.  This can be used for not only romantic relationships, but business, family and friends.  

As always, here is the part where I am straightforward and upfront about what this spell will NOT do!  This spell will NOT work overnight!  BUT, this spell WILL help you move on and move forward starting day one and will continue to grow and help more and more daily!  This spell can be combined with my depression banishing spell and/or my self-confidence/self-love spell if you feel it necessary in your situation.  Contact me first with any questions!

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