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The Purple Cottage

Hair Growth

Hair Growth

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This spell is specifically geared towards healthy hair growth.  This spell will work on both men and women of all races.  If you are someone whose hair grows to a certain length and then stops, this spell is for you.  If your hair is brittle and damaged despite everything that you do, this spell is for you.  If you have damaged your hair with products and styling tools, this spell is for you.  Not only will this spell help your hair grow long and healthy, this spell will also help you to be intuitively drawn or pushed towards hair care routines and products (no, I do not suggest any products), but each person has different needs for their hair and the spell gears it towards your specific needs.  * To receive the maximum benefits from this spell, it should be cast once a month for the first three months and then every six months for a year and then once a year; reach out for package pricing if interested. 




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