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The Purple Cottage

Life Purpose

Life Purpose

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This casting reveals to you your life's purpose.  Are you lost, unsatisfied, or lost in life?  Are you already feeling a change needs to be made or something in your life needs to change or even just searching for purpose....then this casting is for you.  

How does this casting work??? I know, the million dollar question!  This casting can work in the form of a dream; sudden intuitive knowing; hints, signs and a push from the universe.  Will this casting work overnight, nope!  

Before you order this listing, ask yourself and be honest with the answer ~ can you listen to your intuition and not push your intuition to the side until you get the answer YOU WANT?  Many times our intuition tells us so much and we use logic to not listen to it.  We want the answers that we want, which is normal and human, but this is not about the answer that you want, it is about the answer that you NEED!!!

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