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The Purple Cottage

Psychic Development & Communication

Psychic Development & Communication

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Hi loves!  This is a unique spell that is geared towards your psychic development and communication with spirits in your keep.  Is communication with your keep the only reason to get this spell? No, not at all.  This spell can be used just for overall psychic development whether you are a beginner or even if you are well on your path to communicating with spirits for whatever reason.  

This spell is a good addition to the the Third Eye spell and grounding spell to help move you along your journey.  

Will you immediately be able to communicate with spirits?  No, probably not.  The gift of being able to communicate with spirits is something that develops over time for everyone.  Even if you are naturally born able to communicate with spirits, there is always upkeep that comes along with that in the form of meditating, staying balanced, staying ground and etc.  

This is a spell that would do you the best good being cast monthly in conjunction with meditation and staying grounded and balanced for about 6 months.  This spell gives you the push and more awareness that is needed, but you still have to put in the work into your gift to learn how to use it and realize it.  

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