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The Purple Cottage

Selenite Gemstone Pendulum with Chakra Chain

Selenite Gemstone Pendulum with Chakra Chain

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This Pendulum has been carved from white selenite and is about 1.75" in size, plus chain with the 7 chakra stones. Selenite is a wonderful white high energy protection crystal which works well with the Crown Chakra. Metaphysically, Selenite is believed to improve mental clarity and creativity.  Pendulums are used for spirit communication and divination.  

Each stone is unique so do expect some variance between items - especially with this unique stone, whose markings will vary from piece to piece - no two will be the same. Chain length will vary from item to item. Item supplied will be very similar but not identical.

Some notes on the material: This fibrous crystal has natural fissures and fibers running through it - it can look like 'veins' running through the material. This can give the appearance of damage - its is not - it is very normal for selenite. 
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