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Studying Spell

Studying Spell

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This is one of those fun spells! First things first! Will this spell make you an overnight genius? NO!  Will this spell make you a genius? NO!  Will this spell work overnight for an exam I have tomorrow? NO!  Will this spell allow me NOT to study? NO!  

I know you are asking, what WILL this spell actually do then?  This spell will help you comprehend what you are studying already.  This spell will help you retain what you are studying easier.  This spell is a helping hand to the studying you are doing already.  You cannot cram the night before and expect to ace an exam unless you know the material previously.  This spell is tried and true.  Most of my family members have asked for this spell in college at some point.

More information that you need to know - this is not a one and done spell!  This is a series of spell castings that needs to be done.  You will need 6 castings in total with one being cast each week for 6 weeks.  If you purchase all six of the castings upfront, I will give you the 6th casting for free so you only pay for 5 castings.  You can purchase this spell weekly as well.  (Contact me for the discount if you would like to purchase all 6 weeks as a bundle).  

The spell will start to manifest with small changes and build in strength long after the castings are complete.  BUT, remember, it only works when you put in the work!  


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