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The Purple Cottage

Third Eye Opening ~Stage 1

Third Eye Opening ~Stage 1

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Please understand that there are four stages to this spell and they have to be done in separate phases over the course of several months!! You do have to all do the mundane work on your own as well.

Stage 1 ~ You will notice pressure around your third eye and headaches to begin with and this is because your third eye is stretching and it is a painful process. The headaches can last for days and be almost as painful as migraines on and off for several weeks. While you are going through this stage you should also work on meditating, grounding yourself, cleansing and balancing your Chakras as well. Meditation should be worked on daily and if you are new to it, it is a process to learn to successfully meditate, but every time you do it you area closer to it. You will also start to notice more synchs in your life, number repetitions, and seeing signs from the universe that you never noticed before. Your intuition will be heightened and during this time you start to learn what is your intuition and what is your inner conversation. This takes time! You cannot rush this process. Stage one can take up to 12 weeks to see what would be considered big progress. You may start to notice you are being pushed by the universe to deal with your past issues so that you can purge them from your life and gain a higher understanding of yourself and your path. This is referred to many different names and some are dark night of the soul, soul work, dark soul work and etc. It is hard! It can make you anxious and depressed!! Ordering this spell means that you accept this and understand this; if you have questions, contact me beforehand. Every gift comes with a cost and a lot of hard work, soul work is a lot of work emotionally and can have physical effects such as loss of appetite, being tired, feeling exhausted, and feeling restless at times. DO NOT order this spell if you do not want to go through soul work as this is inevitable and cannot be helped.


It does take time to develop your intuition because you have to learn how to understand that it is your intuition, trust it and follow it. The more you do these things, the more you will notice your intuition guiding you!

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