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The Purple Cottage

Third Eye Opening ~ Stage 2

Third Eye Opening ~ Stage 2

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This spell is the second in a series of 3 for opening your third eye.  With this particular spell it is suggested that you continue to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet as there is a lot of energy used during this time.  This process can take weeks as you are led to work on clearing and healing from the past and that varies from person to person.  You can experience horrible headaches, sorrow, weight loss and a change in how you view yourself and the world around you.  

With healing from childhood trauma, or any trauma really from your life, you will find that healing and understanding come so that you can purge this from your life.  You DO have to be willing to process these emotions and ready to face what you have tried not to think about for much of your life.  BUT, once you are through this phase and you release and purge everything, every aspect of your life will feel better.  

During this time you are urged to meditate, focus on yourself, focus on self-love and accepting yourself and releasing guilt from past wrongs you have committed.  You are urged to examine why you feel anger, jealousy, and joy from different people and situations in your life and understand that perhaps that how you react to others tends to say more about you than it does them and vice-versa.  

This can be a very tumultous time in your life.  But, if you seek clarity and intuition then it is a necessary step in your life.  This is not something that can be rushed through.  As readers and intuitives we learn to remove our EGO out of our intuition and readings.  You have to release what your desires or wants are or how you perceive things should go and be open to accept the possibilities that are beyond your imagination.  

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