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Unleash the Mystical Forces: Embrace Your Destiny with a Personal Servitor by Susan

Unleash the Mystical Forces: Embrace Your Destiny with a Personal Servitor by Susan

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This is a limited (only offering 10) introductory offering with $100 off.  Please read this entire listing and choose which Servitor is right for you!  If you want more than one, order them now as these will sell out quickly.  Remember, this is not spirit keeping.  A Servitor is energy and is created specifically from your energy and a part of you.  Servitor cannot and will not bring harm to anyone innocent or any living creature.  Servitors are only capable of completing their specific task.  Please see options below.  Please read full listing as most questions will be answered at the bottom, but do reach out with additional questions.  Servitors have been used for thousands of year to aide the practitioner on their path both for material gain, but for spiritual growth and energetic assistance.  I do not offer this lightly as they are quite powerful and will only offer limited amounts at a time.  It does not take long for you to learn how to work with your Servitor as it is part of you, your energy, and knows your desires and needs.  This is not an attunement.  This is not spirit keeping.  Servitors are not bound to you; they are apart of your higher self and made up of your energy.  This is a spiritual secret weapon that is typically gate kept.  


Unveiling the Secrets of Your Spiritual Ally & Familiar

In the sacred realms where energies intertwine, behold the servitor—an enigmatic entity crafted from the essence of your desires and whispered intentions. A mystical creation, it beckons you to dance with the unseen forces and shape your reality. 

Magickal & Spiritual Blessings Await ~

  1. Soul Empowerment: Awaken the dormant energies within as your servitor becomes the silent guardian of your dreams. Feel the surge of power resonating from deep within, guiding you on a transformative journey. This Servitor is your guide and companion to walk beside you down your spiritual path.  This Servitor can also be a powerful teacher and guide on your light arts path. You can explore the astral safely with your personal guide and protector on the astral.  
  1. Bespoke Enchantments: No longer confined by the ordinary, your servitor is an ethereal companion attuned to your every need. Whisper your desires and needs for love and allow your Servitor to use their influence to bring in the love you want. Whisper the desire of having those around you enchanted and desirous of you. Move with the confidence and the underlying whisper of power that all around you take notice; the possibilities are endless what you can do with this power harnessed at your hip.
  1. Ethereal Support: Allow the mystical currents to envelop you. Your servitor, a vessel of cosmic energies, stands as a beacon, casting a glow upon your path, bringing vitality and resilience to your spiritual being. For practitioners of any level you will find that the addition of this Servitor will enhance your own powers as well as add from their own energy storage to help send off your workings for quick manifestation and fruition.
  1. Heightened Manifestation Abilities: Witness the accelerated manifestation of your intentions. Your servitor, a tireless messenger between realms, dismantles barriers and hastens the arrival of your heart's desires.  Manifest the life you want. 
  1. Chakra Balance, Mind and Spirit: Let the serenity of mind, the purity of emotion, and the vigor of the body converge. Your servitor, a harmonizing force, weaves a tapestry of holistic wellness, aligning your existence with the cosmic dance. Allow your servitor to align your chakras to bring more spiritual balance offering renewed and clearer abilities to receive message from Spirit and Guides.  You can ask this Servitor to help you with your social anxiety, anxiety over, depression, and other mental health struggles.  *****Please note that there is no replacement for professional medical care and this Servitor cannot CURE any illness, but can help with what you are doing for yourself already.
  1. Guardian/Protector in all Realms: Spiritual Protection through Your Servitor: Enlist the mystical prowess of your personal servitor as a vigilant guardian, standing sentinel over the sacred spaces of your spiritual journey. Crafted with intention and purpose, your servitor becomes a celestial shield, weaving a tapestry of energies to fortify and protect against malevolent forces.  Embrace a heightened sense of security as your servitor, attuned to the frequencies of the unseen, forms an ethereal barrier that wards off negativity. Whether in meditation, ritual, or daily life, feel the reassuring presence of your spiritual protector, an intangible yet potent force that navigates the realms beyond the physical.
  1. Your Partner in the Dark Arts: A Spiritual ride-or-die who is ready and willing to control and manipulate others.  While your servitor is not able to bring harm to the innocent, it will be more than willing to smack those who have wronged you.  This Servitor will also bring additional power to your dark magick workings as well as has the ability to teach and guide you in the dark arts. 

     8.  Heightened Sexual Experience.  Your Servitor is created specifically to heighten              your sexual experiences either with a partner or flying solo.  Your Servitor can be            used to heighten your sexual energy that you give off to others and will help you              bring in sexual experiences and desires that you are seeking.  


The Mystical Rite

The process of crafting your personal servitor is an intricate dance of energies as I use your energies to create your perfect Servitor who is tailored to your specific needs and desires. Your Servitor is a part of your higher self and can bring no harm to you or those you love.  Your Servitor will never harm the innocent or take life away from any living thing.  Surrender to the mystical currents, and let your intentions shape this otherworldly ally. 

Step Into the Unknown and embark on a journey of mysticism and magic, where your destiny intertwines with the cosmic threads. Unveil the hidden potential within, guided by the ancient art of servitor creation. Order now to commence your mystical voyage toward an empowered and enchanted existence.

Please note that creating Servitors takes time and energy and cannot be rushed.  Upon ordering I will need to know which Servitor you want as well as information of characteristics and how you want the servitor to help you; there is zero judgment here, I just need to know how to tune the Servitors energy.  You can purchase multiple Servitors but note that they each have their main tasks that they focus on at all times.  For example, if you want to bring in more money and build wealth, this Servitor’s only job will be to bring you money and cannot be tasked to do anything else. 

Please note that this process can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete the creation of your Servitor so that when you receive yours it is ready to go and just awaiting your command.  Once it is completed, I will send you over the name your Servitor chooses and a photo that the Servitor chooses that more accurately represents them.  You will be given instructions on how to work with your servitor. 

Lastly, you WILL be responsible for “feeding” (setting out offerings) your Servitor.  Acceptable offerings are a candle burning (any kind of candle, even scented ones from the store) and burning incense is another great offering.  You can do this weekly or minimally once a month. Remember that Servitors run off energy and “feeding” them offerings is like fuel for them, so the more often the better energized your Servitor will be.  This doesn’t have to be difficult or ceremonial.  For example, you can call your Servitor in your mind, light a scented or unscented jar candle or any candle you have on-hand and tell them that this is for them and thank them for all they are doing for you.  You can add incense while you burn the candle or just use a Wal-Mart cheap scented candle.  There is no need for anyone else to know what you are doing.  Servitors are intelligent energies, but cannot and will not ever do anything that you haven’t directed them specifically to do. 


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