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The Purple Cottage

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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This spell will help you control your appetite, make better food choices, push you towards working out and taking care of yourself.  Can you ignore these pushes from the universe? YES!  This spell helps you physically and mentally with choices and lifestyle, but you have to put in the mundane work too.  What do I mean by mundane, if you feel a push to walk instead of ride the elevator, like a little voice is telling you that this is a better decision, follow it!  The little voice in your head and your gut are your intuition and you need to follow them.  The spell helps with moderation with food and calories as well.  

Will this spell work overnight? NO! NOT A CHANCE! I am sorry, but if you have worked with me before, you know I do not sugarcoat anything!  

Will this spell help me drop an unusual amount of weight very quickly? NO! You will not lose 30 pounds in two weeks!  

When will this spell start to work?  The intuitive part starts pretty quickly, about a week or so after casting.  It is small movement, but you will notice it.  Expect to really feel the spell connecting with you and working in about 4 weeks.  

How often do I have to have this spell cast?  I suggest once a month for six months and then every six months.  If you want or need to lose over 50 pounds, I would suggest having this spell cast weekly for a month and then once a month for five months and then every six months. This will help the spell settle in nicely.  Can you follow this suggestion even if you don't have to lose 50 pounds, yes you can. 

If you are depressed or struggling with body image issues, please add the self-confidence spell in conjunction with this spell!  

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